JBF Scotland supporting animal welfare projects in India and Pakistan

Equine Care Program in Pakistan

JBF(Scotland) and JBF(Pakistan) are working together to help relieve the suffering of the many thousands of working horses and donkeys in Quetta, Pakistan.  We have chosen Quetta to work in because there are no other organisations helping with the animals there.  Our aim is to enable the owners of these working animals to look after them better, which will benefit both the animals and owners.   For more information on our Pakistan project, please contact us.

Abolition of Vivisection in India

JBF(Scotland) is helping to fund the work of Cruelty Free International in India. The main aim is to stop the use of animals in experiments for cosmetics, toiletries, food, medical procedures etc.  We believe that it is not our right to subject animals to the torture of these experiments. There are more reliable computer and science based ways to gather information. Using animals is both cruel and misleading.  Please click below for more information on the work of Cruelty Free International.


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